Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Short And Not Especially Sweet

The nice thing about being at work on the days leading up to a long weekend that begins on Friday is that you get a lot of e-mails canceling meetings.
Of course, one of the drawbacks to this particular long weekend being the 4th of July is that the neighborhood kids have already started lighting off their fireworks as soon as the sun starts to set, and will likely be doing so for weeks to come, treating me to sounds of small explosions and eruptions for the foreseeable future.
It will all probably taper off about mid-July, but then, just before school starts, some of the kids who managed to keep some of their noisemakers will dig into their stashes for one last ka-bang.
But, as I’ve found myself forced to say so many times throughout the years, all I can really say about it is oh well.
There really isn’t much going on for me to write about, and there are, quite frankly, other things I’d rather be doing anyway, so I guess that’ll do it for this entry.

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