Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And Such Small Portions

At the place where Kathleen had her birthday party, Stacy got lousy service and undercooked - and then overcooked - food, so, understandably, she complained.
In response to her complaint, she got a $100 gift certificate for the restaurant.
Now it's probably just me, but there's just something about getting a certificate to eat at the place where you got lousy service and lousy food as a way of making up for said lousy service and food, that just brings to mind that old joke: The food was terrible...and such small portions.
But, like I said, that's probably just me, and we all know what a weirdo I am, or at least most of you suspect what a weirdo I am, probably not knowing or understanding the ways or the extent to which I am one.
In any case, Scott and Stacy decided to share the wealth with me, and I had dinner there with them tonight.
The food and service were much better this time around (though in fairness I didn't have any problem with either last time).
After dinner I came home and meant to write an entry, but then I didn't, and I ended up getting busy doing something else.
Then I finished that and decided to write this quick and mostly pointless entry.
So there you have it.
Now you can say, "That Threshold post was boring...and so short."

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Merlin T Wizard said...

It was definitely much better this time around. The server cracked me up, though. He was so over-the-top with his sincerity and coolness that he breezed right past them and into douche-baggery. I'd rather have someone that was trying too hard than our previous experience where it was obvious that they weren't trying at all.