Thursday, June 19, 2008

KC As In "And The Sunshine Band?" No, As In Kansas City? Oh.

You may be wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days, but then again, you probably aren’t because you either didn’t notice, or you just assumed, “Oh, Jon’s just being his usual lazy self.”
Well, first of all, screw you, and second of all, yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
Well, not entirely on the head.
After all, on Tuesday after work I met up with Scott and Jamie at the theater to see The Incredible Hulk with them, then we got something to eat afterwards, so I didn’t actually get home until after 9, at which point I had episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to watch. Also, I’d learned that there have actually been three new episodes of The Venture Bros., so I had to download that and watch it as well, and once I was done with all of that it was time for bed.
As for yesterday, well, yeah, I pretty much just didn’t feel like posting.
You didn’t really miss anything anyway. Seeing the Hulk movie for the second time allowed me to loosen my focus, as it was now familiar territory, which led my mind to begin to wander a little, especially during one scene.
In the movie, rather than being triggered by strong emotions like anger and fear, Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk was precipitated by a simple increase in his heart rate. After making their escape from the military, Bruce and Betty have some down time, and nature begins to take its course. However, along with certain other parts of him, Bruce’s heart rate begins to rise as things get hot and heavy and he realizes that this moment of passion could lead to a lifetime of regret. Granted, this is often the case with sex, but in this instance the potential consequences were a bit different from the usual suspects.
Of course, I suspect that this is what Betty was hoping for, as she wanted to find out if Bruce’s increase in size is proportionate across the board when he Hulks out.
(I suspect that it is not. After all, why do you think he’s always so angry?)
In any case, as I leaned over and informed Scott, while watching this scene, my wandering mind meandered towards thoughts of what Hulk sex dialogue might be like.
So, if I had written an entry yesterday, you would have seen lots of things like, “Hulk give it to puny Betty!” or “Twist Hulk’s nipples!” or “Hulk coming!” or “Hulk swear, this never happen to Hulk before.”
Aren’t you glad that I didn’t write an entry now?
While it’s not a major component of my job, I will, on occasion, have to do some traveling.
Next Tuesday will mark the first such occasion, as I head off to exciting Kansas City, Kansas.
Yes! Kansas City!
Wait, Kansas City?
Well, that’s just a good as, say, Hawaii, I guess...
In any case, today I finally managed to book my flight and hotel room, a process that took longer than it really needed to, for a variety of reasons.
First of all, for the purposes of traveling, I had to apply for a corporate credit card.
Well, I didn’t have to, I guess, but having one makes things a little easier. I’d expected to get the card last week, but as it hadn’t materialized as of yesterday before I left work, I decided to just charge it to one of my personal cards, so I called the travel people, arranged a flight, and was told that I’d be getting an e-mail about it.
I hadn’t gotten an e-mail by the time I left, but when I got home and checked my snail mail I found that I had gotten my credit card.
With no e-mail this morning, I decided to call the travel people again, and was greeted with, “I’m so glad you called back! We don’t have your number.” The nice lady explained that I don’t have a “traveler’s profile” set up, so they couldn’t actually book my flight and hotel.
So I had to fill out a form and fax it in to someone in payroll, who then faxed the form to the travel people, who entered my information into their system. Then I got an e-mail with my itinerary, which I had to reply to in order to confirm that it was in order, and then they actually charged my card and sent me my actual itinerary.
The end result of it all is that I get to get up really early on Tuesday morning and fly to Kansas.
That was pretty much the big excitement for the day.


lbugsh2 said...

Hmm Kanasas City Scott and I have been to that airport before its better than st louis where duct tape holds the floor together.

HULK said...


Heimdall said...

Meh; you're not Ultimate Hulk, so at least you won't eat my blog.
And when you're busy raging away, don't forget that I also questioned the size of your...err..."hulkhood."
And I'm not too concerned about what the KC airport is like, because I won't be spending hour after hour there the way I did in Indianapolis (I hope).