Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Further Evidence That I Am, In Fact, A 12 Year-Old Boy

I don't think anything so effectively proves that, despite my chronological age, mentally I am immature and juvenile than the fact that when I saw the bottom headline in this list of Wired Top Stories on my Google homepage... immediate reaction was to say, "The Congressmen went on to say that the Chinese had also, evidently, put pee-pee in their Coke."
I'm a child.
No real entry tonight; my lawn has needed to be mowed for a while now, but there was no way that was happening in the 100 degree heat, so I elected to do so this evening in the 88 degree heat.
Given that my stupid cold, which has never properly gone away, decided to make a resurgence today, doing so totally wiped me out.
Trust me; you're not really missing anything anyway.

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