Friday, May 02, 2008

Yes, My Evil Plan Is Working!

It isn’t often that my evil schemes come to fruition, which could actually be why I don’t often hatch any evil schemes, though I suppose it’s equally possible that causality could flow in the opposite direction.
But this “chicken or the egg” conundrum aside, the point is that today one of my rare evil schemes came to its even rarer fruition.
Of course, it was only “evil” inasmuch as Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which is to say that it really wasn’t very evil at all.
Despite the fact that the forecast earlier in the week had called for rain all weekend, it’s a gorgeous day. Currently sunny with a temperature of 86.
So, a bit before 2, I stopped by my boss’ office to give her an update of the status of some of the things I’ve been working on, and when I was done, just as I’d planned for her to, she said, “Well, it’s a nice day, so if you want to take off a little early…”
So I did.
And what am I doing with this extra time off, earned though my Machiavellian scheming?
The laundry.
Yes, my devious methods have truly borne glorious fruit!
Later tonight I’m going to see Iron Man with Scott and a bunch of other people. So far everything I’ve read about it has been overwhelmingly positive, many claiming that it’s the best super hero movie since Spider-Man 2, which is a very bold claim indeed.
(Spider-Man 2 just barely edges out Batman Begins in my best super hero rankings because a. that lousy week that Peter has at the start of the movie so perfectly captures the spirit of the character and b. there is a fight scene on the side of a frickin’ building, to say nothing of the fight on the elevated train.)
So that should be good.
In any case, I suppose I should get back to enjoying my ill-gotten gains.

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lbugsh2 said...

Its not to evil a plan but you might not want to let your boss know what your blog is. Then you might have to work harder at being evil.