Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Can Suck It

Wednesday is supposed to be a good day.
After all, not only is it the midpoint of the week, it’s new comic day, the best day there is for comic geeks.
And to be honest, this particular Wednesday started off okay, despite the fact that once again I did the whole wake up earlier than usual/arrive at work later than usual thing, which is both baffling and irritating.
Still, not too much to complain about.
Where it all fell apart was when I left work.
Normally I leave work sometime around 4, but on Wednesdays I have a call at 4. This doesn’t usually add that much of a delay, as there typically isn’t a lot to talk about, so I still manage to get out the door at around 4:15.
Today, however, there was a little more than usual to talk about, and it required involving some other people, so I didn’t get out the door until about 4:25.
When I leave at the normal time, it takes me until about 4:05 – 4:10 for my commute to really get underway, what with getting out of the parking lot and off the side streets and unto the main drag.
Today that didn’t happen until around 4:30, at which point I learned that in that 20 minute or so window the amount of traffic on the road pretty much doubles.
This added about 15 minutes to my drive to the comic shop, and didn’t exactly do wonders for my mood, unless you count completely and utterly blackening my mood a wonder.
I won’t get into the amount and type of sheer stupidity I encountered during my drive, as that would only serve to put me back in my Unhappy Place.
Naturally when I got to the comic shop there were no parking spaces open nearby. That is, there were no nearby parking spaces until after I’d driven around the block and found a space. Immediately after I did that, three spaces opened up right by the comic shop.
I’d intended to stop at a grocery store on the way home to pick up something for dinner, but traffic managed to get even more annoying, so all I wanted to do was go home, which I did. Eventually. The drive from the comic shop to home took another 15 minutes.
Of course, the fact that I’d gone straight home only meant that I’d have to venture back out into the world later, which I did, and which pissed me off, Lo-Pan-style, to no end.
So, yeah.
It can suck it.

Funniest (And Saddest) Thing I’ve Said/Written All Week Department:
In a comment thread over at Slacktivist, I wrote a comment in which I made a reference, without getting into specifics, about how long it’s been since I’ve been in a relationship. I said, “I won’t actually tell you how long it’s been, but instead I’ll say, ‘Hey, remember Windows 3.11?’”

On a more entertaining Slacktivist-related note, Kit Whitfield, who posts on Slacktivist under the name *Sigh* Praline (For the uninitiated the *Sigh* indicates a wistfulness on my part in mentioning her name, as her sensible, entertaining, insightful, and skillfully-crafted Slacktivist comments have made her my Internet Crush.) has been posting some entertaining conversations with her cat over on her blog.
(As Scott said, you can tell that I’m smitten if I’m entertained by things she’s written about her cat. Even so, they are legitimately entertaining. The latest is good, but the one she did on April 25th is especially good. “Ungrateful Febreezer is officially my new favorite phrase.)

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