Saturday, May 10, 2008

(Not) Living In Interesting Times

Thursday morning I woke up five minutes before my alarm went off.
Even so, I ended up leaving at pretty much the usual time, and somehow managed to get in to work ten minutes later than usual.
Not sure how that works.
I was a bit tired, but not overly so, until I got onto my weekly call with one of our vendors and she started talking about how tired she was, and as we spent a good 45 minutes yawning back and forth while reviewing open tickets, I found myself getting progressively more tired, and by the time the call was over I was ready for a nap.
Given that there’s nothing that I watch after 10 on Thursdays, I decided to turn in early, though that, of course, didn’t pay off, as the fact that I was exhausted was no help whatsoever in getting to sleep.
Friday morning I repeated the Thursday morning experience by getting up earlier than usual and arriving at work later than usual.
A bit before noon my boss came around and asked if I could go to a meeting with her that afternoon. The meeting was with another company down the street at 2:30. I had a conference call at noon, which lasted over an hour, and then went to grab some lunch. I’d just finished eating, at about 1:35, when my boss came around and said that the meeting was actually at 1:30 and we needed to go right now.
We got back from the meeting around 3, and my boss said that she intended to pack it in and go home and recommended that I do the same. So, after tying up a couple of loose ends, I did.
Still feeling tired, I decided to use the extra time to take a nap when I got home.
During said nap I had an odd dream in which a pretty girl I’d never met before was trying to talk me into going to some party with her and her friends, all of whom seemed really keen on making sure that I went with them.
However, this party, my dream self knew, was a party thrown in celebration of pranks and pranksterism, so I was, naturally, suspicious, with visions of the prom night scene from Carrie flashing through my dream mind.
I woke up before I found out whether or not I was eventually talked into going.
After I woke up it was an exciting evening of eating some leftover Polish sausage that I’d grilled the night before (While grilling the sausages, which were almost ready, with one already starting to burst, I used the tongs to reposition one, and the second the tongs touched it, the sausage burst open and sprayed my face and neck with hot sausage grease. I thought, “Now I know how porn actresses feel.”), and watching my most recent Netflix movie – Shrek the Third – on my computer, as for some reason the sound was jacked up when I tried watching it on my TV.
Despite staying up late last night not doing anything in particular, I woke up a bit before 9 today and decided to shower, dress, and venture out into the world.
I had decided to go to Best Buy to either buy some more speakers, or else simply buy some speaker stands to use two of my old speakers, and go for the full 7.1 set up. I got there a couple of minutes before it opened – as did about a dozen other people – and stood outside in the drizzle waiting.
Once I got inside I decided that I’ll just hold off on the 7.1 thing, possibly taking Scott’s suggestion and hiring some pros to come in to fish speaker wire through the walls and ceiling and get all of the speakers mounted. Maybe even get the house wired for Ethernet at the same time.
From there I went to Arby’s and had a Bacon, Beef, and Cheddar, figuring that the fact that it included bacon made it count as breakfast.
And now here I am, thinking about taking another nap.

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