Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Made Of Fail Interlude: The It Factor

In case any of you had questions about my latest Made of Fail post, like "Why is Jon writing about this now? Did something significant happen to motivate it?"
In answer to the second question, "Kind of."
No, there haven't been any new developments on the whole romance/failed romance front; there was no personal event that motivated the entry (apart from me simply having the whole "It-Shaped Hole" visual occur to me, sort of randomly).
However, on a lot of the sites I go to I've been seeing a lot of talk about the "Nice Guy Lament," from both sides of the aisle.
Lots of self-identified "Nice Guys" complaining about how women can't see how wonderful they are, and a lot of women complaining about how these "Nice Guys" just don't seem to realize that they're a bunch of dorks, particularly given that most of them aren't as nice as they like to think - or claim - they are.
I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, and will, at some point be writing up some posts discussing my take on the whole thing, with this most recent Made of Fail entry being one of the first.
So there you go; that's the explanation you didn't ask for but got anyway.

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