Monday, May 19, 2008


Apparently on Saturday, in my mania, I used up all of the energy that was supposed to last me for the whole week, given that as I sat down to write this the question I asked myself and the Universe was, “Can’t I just go to bed now?”
I don’t really feel that tired, but my normally low levels of energy and ambition seem like they’re at historic lows.
Before writing this I tried to draw a visual aid to accompany a description of the nerdiest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, whom I encountered on the elevator today at work.
Seriously, all he needed to make the look complete was a bow tie, what with the Urkel-esque placement of the waistband of his pants somewhere just slightly below his sunken chest, his thick glasses, and – hand to God – his plastic pocket protector.
However, any and all desire I had to create the illustration faded after the first couple of brush strokes, and I got up and used what little energy I had to make myself a crappy dinner.

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