Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Your Papers Please

Talk about a 180 - today is pretty much the polar opposite of yesterday: warm, sunny, full of promise.
Which is part of why it made having to stop at some sort of State Police checkpoint on my drive home so irritating. I mean, it would have fit perfectly with yesterday's dismal state of affairs, but on a nice day?
I have no idea who/what they were looking for, as they simply asked to see peoples' drivers license and then sent them on their way.
After looking at mine, the trooper simply handed it back and said, "You have a good day sir."
As I pulled away, he added, and I shit you not, "Have a cheerful day."
The fuck?
Maybe my grumpiness about the unexpected stop was showing.
So it's April Fools Day today, and I thought about, like so many other bloggers and Web site owners have done, engaging in some elaborate prank here at Threshold.
Actually, consider that my April Fools joke: I thought about nothing of the sort.
I tend not to think of it as April Fools Day anyway, as it's actually my sister Kim's birthday.
Happy birthday to my favorite April Fool!
I sent out the Evite for my own upcoming birthday party and so far have received two nos, a yes, and a maybe (that was initially a yes).
So I'm sure that it will be a smashing success.
In any case, not much else is going on, and I apologize for not having some fun, exciting prank prepared for you.
Just be thankful I didn't Rickroll you.


Merlin T Wizard said...

That giant Rickroll at YouTube was an excellent prank.

Heimdall said...

Google had some good ones as well, such as the Virgle thing and Custom Time for Gmail.

Merlin T Wizard said...

I hadn't seen the Virgle one. That's pretty funny. I am struck by how very nerdy the two co-founders of Google are. I shouldn't be, I know. I mean, look at how long Bill Gates has been rich and famous and he still looks just as nerdy. It just goes to show you that wealth and notoriety don't make you cool.