Sunday, April 06, 2008

Whither The Warlord?

It seems to be a week for total 180s; yesterday was gorgeous, whereas today? Not so much.
Given that Stacy picked up all of season 2 and season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica on Friday and that there wasn’t nearly time enough for us to watch them all, it was suggested that I take the DVDs home with me to watch.
That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all day today.
As per a conversation Scott and I had Friday night, I’ve been meaning to blog on a topic of extreme importance for some time, but haven’t managed to find the time, what with my busy schedule.
Okay, the more accurate assessment is that I’ve been too bloody lazy and the topic is one that maybe .01% of the population would care about.
But I’m going to write about it now anyway.
With all of the comic book properties that have already been developed into movies or are currently in the process of being developed, there’s a question that’s been plaguing me: why hasn’t anyone adapted The Warlord?
I mean, seriously, a Warlord movie would be freakin’ awesome.
(It could also be really cheesy, but for the purposes of this entry I’m choosing to be uncharacteristically optimistic.)
What is The Warlord, you ask?
It’s a comic about a Vietnam-era USAF pilot flying a reconnaissance mission over the Arctic Circle who gets shot down by a Soviet MIG and plunges through the Earth’s crust into a world inside the world; a place of eternal sunlight and unimaginable savagery. A barbaric world filled with ancient science, magic, dinosaurs, cannibals, and danger around every corner.
It was in this world that Lt. Colonel Travis Morgan, the titular Warlord, attempted to subdue and civilize with the help of his sword and his .44 AutoMag.
Of course, despite his efforts to build a civilized world, it was clear that the savage world spoke more fully to Morgan’s true nature than the world he had left behind.
Besides all of that, The Warlord has more than its share of ass-kicking hot barbarian chicks in skimpy outfits. What’s not to like?
So, Hollywood, I know that for you “baseline normal” is to totally suck balls, but every once in a while you do something right. How about making this one of those times?
On a more personal note, one of the things that I always liked about The Warlord as a kid was the two-page splash that opened every issue, most notably, back when Grell was still on the title, the credits on the splash that said “Written, Illustrated, and Created by Mike Grell.” The first time I saw that, it became my goal to have a book that would bear those same credits, only with my name.
Yeah, goals…I vaguely recall having those.

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