Thursday, April 17, 2008


On Saturday my mom and I went grocery shopping at the Shoppers Food Warehouse here in Leesburg.
As we left the store my mom said, in reference to the cashier we had, “She was cheerful.”
I said, “Not as cheerful as Ha,” with Ha being an extremely cheerful cashier at the Shoppers in Ashburn that I shopped at when I lived there.
With a name like Ha, it would be difficult for her to not stand out in my memory, and I have to say that she was one of the most cheerful people I’ve ever encountered since I moved to VA.
Because it was on the way and I needed to pick up a few things, I stopped at the Shoppers in Ashburn when I was driving home from work today and, coincidentally enough, I ended up going through Ha’s line.
Cheerful as ever.
I suppose that with a name like Ha, you’d almost have to be cheerful.
Or terribly depressed.
Definitely seems like a one or the other situation.

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