Sunday, March 02, 2008

There Will Be Donuts

On Friday mornings at work a selection of donuts, muffins, and bagels are set up in the lobby at work.
(On the first Friday of every month, there is a “healthy breakfast” spread set up in one of the conference rooms that, in addition to donuts, bagels, and muffins includes fruits, cereals, and juices.)
One of the advantages of arriving before most everyone else is that the vultures haven’t had a chance to circle, so I always have my pick of the best offerings.
I usually grab a blueberry muffin and a glazed donut (even during “healthy breakfast”).
That’s about as exciting as my week gets.
Certainly it was the highlight of the past few days.
On Tuesday when I picked up New Frontier on DVD, I also picked up Beowulf, which I watched Friday night. It was interesting to spot all of the moments that were designed for 3-D viewing, but which were no longer in 3-D as they had been in the theater. Lots of swords and spears coming right at you, and that sort of thing.
It was the unrated version, so the scenes of Grendel ripping the Thanes to pieces were considerably more grisly than they had been in the theatrical release.
Yesterday was pretty much a nothing day that started a bit after 9 when the girl with the big guns from my eye doctor’s office called to check if I’d picked up my new lenses (I had, on Thursday), and to verify that I would be in for my appointment on Tuesday. I have to wear the lenses tonight and tomorrow night and hope that they don’t send my eyes into a tailspin.
I decided to stay up after that, though after a few hours of not doing anything in particular I couldn’t figure out why I had decided that, and so I went back to bed, this time to be woken by my mother calling.
She’s coming out to visit for my birthday, and had called to have me walk her through the process of finding a ticket on Expedia (I checked the other travel sites for her and found that Expedia was cheapest).
After that I did some drawing that didn’t really amount to anything. Apart from that, I didn’t do jack. I never even showered or properly got dressed.
I did, however, wash my sheets, so I guess that counts as something.
Today I was slightly more ambitious, taking the time to shower and even shave, and bothering, though I wasn’t sure why, to put on actual clothes.
As I said, I wasn’t sure as to why I bothered to get dressed, but then I remembered that I needed to the laundry today, and it was as good a time as any to wash my lounging around clothes.
I’ve decided that I hate grocery shopping on weekends enough that it’s worth it to try out the whole Peapod thing, which allows you to do your shopping online and then have your groceries delivered. I’ve resisted giving in to the notion for a while, simply because the store that the groceries come from around here is Giant, which is more expensive than Shoppers, and which I just generally dislike.
However, the cost of delivery isn’t that bad, all things considered, and the convenience of not having to deal with old people standing in the aisles with their carts turned sideways makes it worth the expense.
Evidently they don’t deliver on Sundays, though, and by the time I got around to checking the whole thing out on Friday night I was past the cut-off point for Saturday delivery.
I don’t really have any immediate need for groceries right now anyway, so I’ll probably just wait and do it next weekend.
I suppose that the question of whether or not limiting my interactions with real, living people even further is a good thing or not is debatable, but I have to view the impact that it will have on my levels of general annoyance as a positive.
After all, it’s not like I’m gaining anything – apart from groceries – by going to the grocery store, as grocery stores are not the hotbeds of available women that TV, movies, and idiotic articles in men’s magazines try to lead you to believe.
Neither are Laundromats, as far as that goes. In all the time I spent in Laundromats in my life, I only once encountered an attractive woman, and it was someone I already knew. And she was there with her boyfriend.
In any case, I think the online grocery shopping will limit the number of impulse purchases I make, and not having to run an obstacle course and thereby getting distracted and forgetting to buy things that I needed will make sure that I actually get everything I need.
I guess we’ll see how it goes next week.
In any case, I believe that I’ve made up for my lack of regular posting, and so I’ll go back to doing whatever the hell it is that I do, or, more to the point, don’t do.

Not That I’m Dropping Any Hints Or Anything Department:
Last week when I mentioned that Superman Family #171 – my “gateway drug” comic – was available for sale at Milehigh Comics, I made it clear that I was not dropping a hint for something that someone who was of a mind to do so could buy me as a present for my upcoming birthday.
I just want it to be clear that I’m certainly not hinting that someone could also go ahead and buy me a vinyl display case, like this, to put it in.
Obviously the only reason I’ve mentioned this and posted links is to make sure that everyone knows that I’m not dropping any hints.

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lbugsh2 said...

Peapod is okay but I would recommend going late at night. You run into less kids, and parents.