Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jon's Tips For Success Number 1: Keep Your Expectations Low

When I woke up yesterday morning I thought, “Is it Saturday?”
With surprising quickness, my mind answered itself, saying, “No, but it is Friday.”
With my hopes of being able to sleep in dashed, I thought, “Well, can it at least be a couple of hours until I have to get up?”
When I turned to look at the clock, I had my answer: no.
In fact, it was about five minutes until I had to get up.
Though it had a rough start, the day went pretty well, up until about the last hour and a half at work, which got kind of hectic, but that all sorted itself out in time for me to leave at around the usual time.
Once I got home I decided that I really needed to do something about the food situation and ventured out into the world to do some shopping.
While that was a relatively painless experience, the Universe decided to make up for it by launching a guerrilla campaign to ensure that making dinner was as much of a pain in the ass as possible.
There weren’t any major catastrophes, just a bunch of minor annoyances, like the film cover on the tray of mostaciolli and meatballs – yes, I bought the two pound family size package, even though I don’t have a family, and, for those of you who remember the commercials, did not invite Al and his family over to share it – refusing to come off in one piece. Or even two pieces. Or even five.
Shit like that.
Friday night has become my night to get around to watching whatever Netflix DVD I got earlier in the week. Last night’s opus was Let’s Go to Prison, which, despite being directed by Bob Odenkirk – the “Bob” of Mr. Show with Bob and David – and starring Will Arnett, was extremely disappointing and unfunny.
I did get some amusement out of seeing Chi McBride, who plays Emerson on Pushing Daisies, though, but that was pretty much the only bright spot.
So that was my Friday.
So far today…well, I did at least take a shower and get dressed, so I guess that’s something.
Oh, and I wrote this.
So yeah, big accomplishments all around.

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