Sunday, March 09, 2008

If I Were A Pimp, I'd Have A Blue Tooth

Yesterday, lacking anything better to do, I ventured out into the world and stopped at Office Depot. I was looking for some sort of notepad/portfolio dealie for work, but while idly browsing computer peripherals, I found (and ended up buying) the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000.
So far I like it. In particular I like the Vista-specific (and Media Center-specific) keys, though I am having trouble adjusting to not having a numeric keypad.
What’s cool is that the USB dongle that provides me with Bluetooth connectivity to the keyboard and mouse also provides general Bluetooth connectivity.
Of course, the only Bluetooth device I have is my cell phone, and the only thing my phone will do via the Bluetooth connection is run ActiveSync, which I don’t actually have installed on my main system.
Didn’t do much today, apart from the laundry.
I was supposed to go to a Pampered Chef party with Kathleen this afternoon. By the time she came to pick me up, the party was going to be over in less than an hour, and the address provided on the invitation didn’t appear to exist, and the actual driving directions for reaching that address didn’t actually lead to that address, so we said screw it and just decided to get something to eat.
She had to go grocery shopping afterwards, so I went with her, as I needed a few things. I was going to do the PeaPod thing on Friday, and had even gone through and selected my items with time to spare before the 6 PM cut-off point for Saturday delivery.
Of course, it didn’t matter, as apparently there are a limited number of delivery slots available and they were all taken.
Oh well.
Anyway, that’s pretty much been my weekend.

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