Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Checking In

Not much new or exciting has gone on since last I posted, but that pretty much goes without saying.
After two nights of wearing my new, looser-fitting lenses, things are looking pretty good (no pun intended). Vision is getting clear, there’s no pain, and while I don’t share The Dazzler’s ability to stare directly at the sun without damaging my eyes (though I’m not a cheesy character created in a too-late attempt to cash in on the disco craze, so I’m one up on her in that regard), I can at least bear to be exposed to the light of day.
Whether or not I should be exposed to the light of day is another matter entirely.
As I got back to my desk after my third meeting of the day – a meeting that ran a half an hour longer than scheduled – I was pleased to see that my fourth meeting of the day had been rescheduled for tomorrow at 10.
After accepting the meeting invitation I realized that it conflicted with one of my weekly conference calls, and I wondered why it was that Outlook hadn’t informed me of that. As I took a drink of water I figured out why there was no warning of a conflict, and it’s a good thing that my mouth was full of water, as otherwise some of the more sensitive ears in the area around me might have been assaulted by a profanity as I realized that tomorrow is only Wednesday, not Thursday.
Two days in and it’s already been a long week…
At least tomorrow is new comics day, though I’m not sure what’s on the shelves (apart from Countdown to Final Crisis, of course), so I don’t know if it’s going to be a good week or not. I’m suspecting not, given how good last week was.
I finally have all the paperwork I need to get my taxes done gathered together, so now it’s just a matter of hauling my lazy ass in and getting them done. I’m thinking Thursday, as Thursday is payday.
And that’s pretty much the extent of what I have/have the energy to write about, so I’ll bring this entry to a close.

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