Monday, February 04, 2008

Too Bad I'm Not Giving Them A Reason To Stick Around

So my eyes were fine today – except for the fact that I have to wear my glasses, which I hate, even though on Friday Nita had said I look good in glasses and should wear them more often – but I know better than to try wearing the lenses again any time soon.
It was a pretty uneventful day for the most part. Not that many people asked me if I watched “the game,” which surprised me, and none of the people who did ask seemed especially offended/shocked that I hadn’t, which surprised me even more.
Usually when I tell people that I have zero interest in sports of any kind they look at me like I have a third arm growing out of my forehead.
I can’t help it; sports bore the living shit out of me and they pretty much always have.
The biggest event of the day was a conference call that I had to facilitate. I guess it went well. It’s a weekly call, so I have it to look forward to on every Monday.
The first time I was on the call Nita ran it as a sort of last official act before passing the torch on to me, and then we didn’t have it on the following Monday because it was MLK day.
Last week I was at urgent care for my eyes during the scheduled time, so I’d had to cancel it.
Though I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, today I checked out some of the more noteworthy commercials. Meh. There was nothing that really blew me away, though the Iron Man trailer did look pretty cool.
So did the trailer for Wanted. Honestly, it looks like it might be halfway decent, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to see it given how far it appears to stray from the source material. The producers very clearly and deliberately chose to distance the movie from its comic book roots, which is a pity, and is also annoying.
And it’s also a shame, given the tremendous opportunity they had to skewer the genre of comic book movies and turn them on their head in the way that the comic skewered the super-hero genre and turned it on its head.
But oh well.
When I got home and settled in I fired up the DVR to watch some shows that I’d recorded last night, only to discover that nothing had actually recorded.
I also noted that the DVR itself was acting kind of flaky. For example, if I hit the “Replay” button, rather than jumping back 10 seconds the way it’s supposed to, it would jump all the way back to the beginning of the show that was currently on. If I then hit “Skip,” it would jump ahead 30 seconds the way it’s supposed to, but would never jump past that point, and of course, if this followed on the heels of hitting “Replay,” it was skipping only 30 seconds from the beginning of the show. If I went back to watching live TV and then hit “Skip” again it would jump back to the point 30 seconds after the beginning of the current show.
I did a power cycle on the DVR and things seemed to go back to normal. Hopefully it will successfully record the shows I have it set to record tonight.
My entry on Spider-Girl has generated me some more traffic from When Fangirls Attack!
I like seeing the traffic, even though no one sticks around or comes back, but I kind of wish that I were writing something more canny and insightful about the issue of gender in comics that would make it more worthwhile for them to link to me.
But, again, oh well.
Speaking of comic book movies that won’t live up to the source material and attacking fangirls, I followed a link on When Fangirls Attack! to a blog post by writer Brad Meltzer, which features an interview with the lovely and talented Carla Gugino in which she discusses her role as Sally Jupiter in the Watchmen movie.
Check it out here.
And that’s pretty much al the excitement for today.

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