Sunday, February 03, 2008

So Much For That Idea

First of all, happy birthday to my niece Jourdan, who is 21 today.
Because it’s a milestone birthday – and because I’m a wonderful uncle – I sent her a check for $100.
Her reaction upon seeing this was to say, “Holy fuck!”
Class act, that niece of mine.
Of course, anyone who’s ever lived the poor college student lifestyle can understand her unrestrained excitement.
Las night, because my eyes have been fine for the past few days and I’d completed the course of antibiotic eye drops, I decided I would give the Gentle Molding lenses another shot, figuring that if they bothered me it wouldn’t be a big deal because it’s the weekend.
When I woke up this morning (inexplicably at around 7:30), I took them out and everything seemed fine, but within an hour my left eye was burning and watering and sensitive to light (though not nearly so bad as last Monday).
So I guess I won’t be trying that again soon.
Hopefully this isn’t an indication of some permanent problem that will prevent me from using the lenses.
Presumably it’s the fact that I have a head cold/sinus infection thing going on causing the problems, but I haven’t really been experiencing any symptoms of that in the past few days.
In fact, it wasn’t until my eyes started bugging me (my right eye doesn’t seem to be irritated, but rather responding in sympathy to the left’s plight) that my nose started running. Is it some sort of allergen? The symptoms feel a lot like an allergic reaction.
In any case, I’ll give the lenses a rest for the week and maybe try to set up an eye appointment for Friday evening to get them checked out.
Not much else is going on, and my vision is kind of hazy right now, so I guess I’ll bring this entry to a close.
I may be back later with a Keyword Kraziness entry.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Did you disinfect the lenses? I imagine if you were wearing them during the time you had the infection, they may still have some nastiness on them.

Heimdall said...

I cleaned them and ran them through the disinfection process twice. I also boiled the case and used new conditioning solution.
Of course, I disinfect them every time I wear them, and that didn't seem to make a difference.