Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Phenomenal Week...Except For Countdown

After getting home from the comic shop I took a look at my stack and realized that this was a very good week for comics.
In fact, I’d have to call it a phenomenal week.
After all, any week in which I get Fables and Jack of Fables is an especially good week (especially when the cover of Jack features Jack getting kicked in the junk by one of the lovely Page Sisters. Note: D’oh! Thought I could find a cover image online, but I was wrong, and am too lazy to scan it in myself.), but beyond that bit of wonderfulness, the rest were all books that I actually look forward to reading.
Oh, and Countdown to Final Crisis.
Since I was a kid I’ve always had a particular way of determining the order in which I read a given stack of comics. It’s all about delayed gratification, which is to say that the comic I want to read most is the comic I read last. So I start with the one I want to read least at the top and then go from there, basically from worst – which is kind of a misnomer, as the one on top isn’t necessarily bad (unless, of course, it’s Countdown to Final Crisis), it’s just the one I’m least excited about – to best.
This week’s stack was difficult to put in order. Naturally Fables was at the bottom, with Jack right on top of it, but it was tricky to figure out what the order would be between those to and Countdown.
This is what I finally decided on:

Countdown to Final Crisis – It’s gotten better of late, and has, in recent weeks, managed to make its way to the second position a couple of times, but it will always be far from the bottom (which, in my inverted system, is the top in terms of quality). So why do I buy it? Well, I’ve committed myself to doing so, and have managed to grit my teeth through it so far, and besides, there are only 9 issues left (it’s a weekly comic running for 52 issues).

Thor - Big jump in quality compared to Countdown. I’ve really been digging what Straczynski has been doing with the character, and the series earned itself a special place in my heart several issues back when Thor totally owned Iron Man.

She-Hulk – It was a tough call deciding how to order this with Thor and the comic that got the number 4 spot, but ultimately my appreciation for Peter David’s writing narrowly edged out my appreciation for Straczynski’s.

Justice Society of America – I’m digging the revisit of Kingdom Come so far, which is what gave it the edge over Thor and She-Hulk.



Captain America – Both are written by Ed Brubaker, and both are excellent, but I’m just more into the Cap storyline than I am into the Daredevil one.

Jack of Fables – Just barely – and I mean barely – loses out to…

Fables – While Jack has the same level of consistent excellence, Fables has been around a while longer, so it gets extra points for seniority.

Something that has really surprised me, and which my past self would never believe if I were to travel back in time to tell myself this, is that so far on the weeks when it comes out, Booster Gold is consistently close to the bottom of my reading pile. I just need to mention this as a way of saying “Nice work” to messrs Johns, Katz, Jurgens, and Rapmund.
Okay, enough of the geekery, I guess, though I don’t have much else to talk about.
I spent most of the day at work in a “webinar,” which is basically a fancy way of saying a conference call, albeit one in which I was able to view the same slide presentation being given at the actual physical meeting.
The three things I learned in the course of the webinar were that people don’t seem to understand how to mute their phones, and that one of the participants who was among the unmuted had gotten the results of her ultrasound and blood tests back and they were positive, and she loved whoever it was that she was talking to about her ultrasound and blood test results (“I love you sweetheart!”).
And that was pretty much my day.
My new lenses are in, but this time around I have to wear them for two days and then go in for an exam, and I couldn’t get an appointment for an exam until Tuesday, so, having already had to stop at one place on the way home, I didn’t feel like having to make another stop. I’ll probably pick them up tomorrow.
And that’s pretty much it for today.

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