Thursday, August 23, 2007

The League of Extra-Hairy Gentlemen

Last night for the second time in as many weeks I had a dream in which Alan Moore (this time with special guest Neil Gaiman) made an appearance. I don't recall much about it, other than that Alan was extremely clever and I was jealous of his friendship with Neil. However, Alan did give me an extra-special copy of Watchmen that was in some indescribable way infinitely more fabulous than my mere Absolute Edition.
In the earlier dream, Alan appeared as someone providing me with guidance through a difficult and dangerous situation, and he had the ability to manipulate reality as easily as he constructs a story.
Sometime after that dream I had one in which a bearded hermit, looking rather like Will Ferrell as The Unabomber, played a central role.
Given that Alan himself looks rather a lot like someone who should live in a secluded shack and spend his time writing manifestos (which is, perhaps, not so different from how he does live), I have to wonder about the preponderance of hirsute men in my dreams of late.
In any case, on his blog, Neil linked to this scan of a two-page comic he and Mark Buckingham did in honor of Alan's 50th birthday.
(Readers of Fables will note the uncanny resemblance of the boy asking his fortune to Buckingham's version of Pinocchio)

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