Monday, November 06, 2006

Turn-Down Day

It's a turn-down day
Nothin' on my mind
It's a turn-down day
And I dig it
There's nothing easier I can do
Than lyin' around doing nothing

Okay, sure, in the song quoted above the group The Cyrkle was actually singing about hanging out at the beach on a nice summer day, but that doesn't mean that the same principles can't be applied to hanging out in my condo on a cold autumn day.
The fact that I did it proves that.
Okay, I did actually do something, as I went out and did some proper grocery shopping (to the tune of $59), but after I'd gotten home and watched the latest episode of Dexter I was back in bed for the rest of the afternoon.
And now I'm writing this.
Up next is dinner, followed by a meeting with the other homeowners at 7 to plan for our upcoming holiday party.
I'm sure that will be exciting.
Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be at HQ with Scott racking up some OT while being trained on using Microsoft Project.
I lead an exciting life. It's no wonder I have to have these occasional turn-down days to recuperate.

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