Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Open Letter To Comedy Central

Dear Comedy Central,

Just once, just one fucking time, I would like to be able to randomly change the channel to Comedy Central and not see one or all of the Blue Collar Comedy guys on my TV.
Do you think you could arrange that? I mean, how hard/expensive can it be to find some other programming to fill the spaces between your multiple airings of South Park and whatever other supposedly funny animated shows you have on? (Oh look, they're making fun of blacks/Jews/gays/Asians on Drawn Together! How fresh and original and totally unlike what they did last week or the week or the entire season before!)
Speaking of your animated shows, why the hell isn't Freak Show funny? Talented, funny people are associated with it, so I don't get how it can be so suck so hard.
Anyway, the point is that it would be great if you could "git r done" and make it possible for me to not see Jeff Foxworthy and the rest every damn time I pop in to watch something other than The Daily Show and The Colber Report.


Jon Maki

P.S. Putting on anything involving Carlos Mencia would not be an improvement and would not count.

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