Monday, November 06, 2006

The New Bikini Cavegirl

Looking at the Threshold traffic stats I can see that a lot of people are coming here looking for information on Jon Betts. I imagine it's mostly family and friends.
I wish I had some information to provide that could lead to finding him, but I don't. Anyone who knows that he's missing knows as much about his status as I do.
Some people may just be looking for information about him as a person, hoping that I could provide some insight into why he's disappeared.
I don't know that I can really do that either. I know that he was very sad, right to the core of his being, which is something that I can certainly understand, and that for him life often didn't seem worth the effort, which I can also understand, and that he was very lonely, which, again, I understand, but what I can't understand is the kind of selfishness that would lead him to hurt the people who care about him like this.
I suppose that from where he stood things looked much worse than they did from where we were standing.
I really don't know what else to say, or what insight I can provide to anyone looking for answers. I could use a few answers myself.
And I really don't want to say too much more about him, as it will eventually start to feel as though I'm eulogizing him, and I just don't have the strength for that.
One thing I will say about him, though, is that if he knew that people were coming here in pursuit of information about him, he'd be very amused to hear me tell him that he's become the new Bikini Cavegirl.
(For the uninitiated, an offhand reference to a really bad low-budget soft-core porn movie titled Bikini Cavegirl in an entry was, at one time, leading scores of people to this blog as they did Google, Yahoo, and even Alta Vista searches on the movie. It was the number one search term that led people here.)
I know that might seem frivolous, flippant, and irreveratn, but right now I'd rather think happier thoughts about him, and I certainly don't mean to make light of the situation.
On totally unrelated topics, I just got back from the party planning meeting a bit ago.
We didn't do much other than pick a date (December 3) and decide that we're going to have it be open to homeowners and renters as we don't really have the details on money and catering options and whatnot. Jen, the cute music teacher, is going to compile it all in an e-mail and send it off to our HOA representative.
I volunteered to design the flyer for it, graphic design skills are about the only thing I can bring to the table given my aversion to actually dealing with people or doing actual work.
It came out in conversation that - of course - Jen has a boyfriend. I never really had any doubt that she did.
Beyond the boyfriend, though, there was definite flirting going on with Mr. Firefighter.
"Hey, look at me! I fight fires, and I look like I just walked off the set of some movie about a fraternity! I'm not all creepy and scowly and nerdy like that Jon weirdo, and you sure as hell won't find me having enough free time to write about what a loser I am on a blog that nobody reads anyway!"
I'm sure he's a perfectly nice person, what with being all civic-minded and helping people for a living and all that jazz. It's not his fault that he seems like a total meathead and that chicks probably hurl themselves at him in much the same manner as they hurl themselves away from me.
On the topic of annoying firefighters, though, I have to run to the airport later tonight and pick up Brian and Kathleen.
Okay, I'm kidding about the annoying part...mostly. The part that isn't kidding is the one that will have to miss The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and that has to get up early to go that MS Project training tomorrow.
Anyway, that pretty much brings you up to speed on my exciting evening.

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