Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gunpowder, Treason, And Plot

Tonight is Guy Fawkes Night over in the UK.
Too bad I just watched V for Vendetta not too long ago, otherwise it would be appropriate to do so again today.
Last week while I was still in Michigan, my company underewent its latest (and presumably last...for a while) round of layoffs.
I survived; others in my group did not.
We lost one person from my shift, one from the weekend overnight shift, and one from the weekday overnight.
My first day back to work proved to be one of the most longest and most excruciatingly slow days I can remember having.
It didn't really take long to get back into the routine, though.
Lots of people asked the obvious questions and extended their sympathies, but there were several who didn't say anything. I wasn't offended, though, just a little surprised.
This morning after I took a shower I took a look in my freezer, my cabinets, and my cookbooks to find out whether or not I needed to venture out into the world. I found a recipe that I thought I had all the ingredients for, but discovered that I was missing two, and so I made a quick trip to the grocery store.
I've discovered over the past couple of days that I apparently no longer have a downstairs neighbor. This won't impact my behavior at all, as it's not as though I will now be dancing the Watusi now that there's no one downstairs to complain.
However, as the temperature dipped into the 20s over the past couple of days I've come to realize that this may be the first winter in VA during which I'll actually have to have the heat turned on on a regular basis.
Usually I can get sufficient heat rising from downstairs to keep it in the high 60s on all but the very coldest days, making the simple expedient of putting on a sweatshirt a cost-effective means of staying warm through the colder months.
Not so now, apparently.
On Friday night my mom ended up in the hospital after slipping and falling and knocking her head in the parking lot at Wal-Mart.
She evidently suffered temporary amnesia, not recognizing my sister or remembering that she'd moved to an apartment or that my dad had died. She did recognize Jourdan, though, and the memory loss wore off on the way to the hospital. She still doesn't remember actually falling, though.
To be on the safe side she was given a CAT scan. The results showed - and I think that she should get this in writing - that her brain was normal.
In fact, the doctor said that, like my gums, her brain is "beautiful."
Not much is going on here today. Just doing the laundry and waiting for tonight's new episodes of The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, and Metalocalypse.
Speaking of animation, last night I watched a Hellboy animated movie that Cartoon Network had run last week. I was very pleased with it, as it had a good story, decent animation, and featured many of the cast members from the live-action movie providing the voices for their characters.
One interesting exception with the voices was that David Hyde Pierce, who provided the voice of Abe Sapien in the live-action movie, did not provide the voice for this. Instead, the voice was provided by the actor who physically portrayed Abe (with Hyde Pierce doing the voice-over) in the live-action movie.
Anyway, Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms had a very entertaining story, and I was pleased to discover that another animated movie is in the works. This is good news, as the sequel to the live-action movie won't be out until 2008.
In any case, I still have some TV watching to catch up on, so that will do it for this entry.

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