Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gross Analogy Or Something To Be Thankful For

Last night on The Colbert Report Stephen aired some footage of Rush Limbaugh making some rather interesting comments in the wake of last week’s election.
I’ll let you find the Report footage for yourself to see Stephen’s comedic turn as a Limbaugh apologist for yourself, but there was something about the statements that I wanted to remark on.
My understanding of what he said – don’t jump all over me if I’m misquoting or you think I’m misrepresenting what he said; I’m going on what he actually said and am simply summarizing it as I understood it – was that his reaction to the GOP losing control was to let out something of a sigh of relief.
Essentially he stated that for the past however many years, presumably in the name of party unity, he’s had to struggle to hold his tongue and has had to defend some decisions and policies that he didn’t necessarily agree with. Now that the Republicans are no longer in charge apparently he’s free to engage in dissent, though exactly why he felt constrained against speaking his mind in a country which guarantees your right to dissent is beyond me. In fact, not engaging in dissent when he disagreed with the actions of the party leadership strikes me as irresponsible, particularly for a person in his position.
That’s not really where I’m going with this, though, and I’ll leave it up to you to make your own decisions about what taking such a position says about his honesty and integrity.
In any case, in describing his situation, Limbaugh made an analogy in which he seemed to be comparing himself to a waterboy, stating that at times he felt like he was bringing water to people who didn’t deserve water.
That he made such an analogy struck me as interesting, considering the less-flattering analogy that’s been kicking around in my head ever since he made his comments about Michael J. Fox.
If you’re not aware of those statements, basically he accused Fox of exploiting his condition for political purposes in an ad supporting Stem Cell research (he accused Fox of either not taking his meds or deliberately exaggerating the shakiness that Parkinson’s Disease causes), and took him to task for shilling for the Democratic party (He also mimicked the way Fox was shaking, a pantomime that has been looped and set to Herbie Hancock’s Rockit, as can be seen here).
I was struck by the hypocrisy of someone who shills for his own party – even, apparently, when doing so conflicts with his personal beliefs – complaining about someone else being a shill.
All of which brings me to my point, which is that at that time I came up with an analogy for what Limbaugh does for a living that is much more apt than his own about being a waterboy.
More apt, and a lot grosser (so consider yourself forewarned).
The analogy I came up with is that it’s like he gets down on his knees and gives the GOP a long, slow, sloppy blowjob, then proceeds to cum swap with his listeners.
(By the way, I did consider making a graphic to accompany this entry this but decided against it. So think about that when you’re sharing your “Things I’m Thankful For” list with your families at the Thanksgiving dinner table next week. “And finally, I’m thankful that Jon didn’t create that imaginary cover to Rush Limbaugh in Snowballin’ Vol. 12, featuring Dennis Hastert and the GOP Bukkake All-Stars!”)
Okay, let’s move back from the homoerotic political commentary and focus on the more traditional Threshold content.
I see that once again People magazine has snubbed me, naming George Clooney as the Sexiest Man Alive. I mean, come on; what does he have that I…*sigh* I can’t even finish that question without getting depressed as I consider the answer. Or rather answers. Lots and lots of answers. So many answers that you would need a quad-core computer to calculate them all.
One thing Clooney doesn’t have, though, is the almost universal approval of the other homeowners for the flier that I designed. In your sexiest face, Clooney!
Of course, like me, Clooney also doesn’t have the damn information that I’ve requested so that I can completely finish the thing. How hard is it to say “the party starts at x” and “the person they need to RSVP to is y” anyway?
It reminds me of one of the things I didn’t like about desktop publishing: the clients.
So far my day off hasn’t been terribly productive.
I had a late lunch with Kathleen, who had fallen down the stairs and sprained her ankle yesterday, so she was working from home, which meant that I didn’t have to dive all the way to Ashburn for lunch, which was a plus. It also meant that she was sort of hobbling around, which was a minus.
Tomorrow it’s back to work for two days, then three days of working next week (including Thanksgiving and Black Friday), then two weeks off. I’m assuming that apart from tomorrow and possibly Saturday most of the time I’m there things will be relatively slow, as they usually are around the holidays.
I’m sure that for most of the time that I’ll be there in December 90%+ of our management will be off for the holidays.
In any case, I should probably do the laundry and accomplish a few other things before my day is through.

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