Monday, October 09, 2006

Seriously Boring Day

I woke up this morning sometime shortly before 9 and as I was lying there in bed I thought, “Any minute now someone from my dentist office is going to call to confirm my appointment tomorrow.”
Within two minutes I was proven right…and wrong.
I did get the call, but my appointment is for Wednesday.
Either way I was up and so I got started on my usual morning routine of sitting around and not doing much of anything, with an eye toward eventually showering, shaving, getting dressed, and going grocery shopping.
At around 10 I realized that it was a holiday and that would mean more than the usual number of people being out and about.  I decided that I didn’t really need to go grocery shopping and that I wasn’t especially interested in doing so.
I also realized that I wasn’t especially interested in being awake either, so I got back into bed for about an hour and a half.
After I got up again I pretty much spent the rest of the day doing nothing again.
Seriously; I did jack today.
I watched a movie, watched the finale of Eureka, and watched the latest episode of Dexter.
Eventually I made hamburgers for dinner and that was pretty much the high point of the day.
Based on the seven million sirens I’m hearing now I’m guessing that Brian is probably having a much more exciting evening than I am.
Oh, and to fill in, briefly, for Scott once again, last night’s episode of The Venture Bros. was another winner, though it was a little light on the Brock ultra-violence, though as it is a two-parter there’s still time.  Best bit of the episode?  Phantom Limb using some of The Monarch’s former prison acquaintances as skeet-shooting targets.
Anyway, I don’t have the energy for a proper entry (what with today being so exhausting), so this one is going to have to suffice.

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