Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Screw The "Jiggety-Jig" Business; It's Home Again, Home Again, Sit Down And Take A Breath

Just wanted to put up a quick post to say that I'm back in VA as of late this afternoon.
Thanks again to Scott for picking me up. I'm going to do the whole "pay it forward" thing and give Brian and Kathleen a ride to the airport at, as Kathleen put it, the "butt crack of dawn."
Classy lady that Kathleen.
She deposited my mail in neat little piles on my table, which had a slight OCD overtone to it, but was thoughtful of her.
Not so thrilled about the flier for an old-fashioned tent revival held in Leesburg that she stuck on my refrigerator with a note saying, "You should totally go," though.
Guy I sat next to on the flight from Detroit (I upgraded to First Class; it was only $35, though that did seem kind of wasteful for a flight that was only a little over an hour long. Oh well; I appreciated the leg room.) was chatty and fairly nice. However, he didn't take my pointed response of "No, I'm not" as a clue when he said, "I don't know if your religious or not," and continued suggesting that I should turn to the church in order to cope with the loss of my father.
He didn't get too pushy about it, though.
Oh! Get this: after the memorial for my dad, the minister said to my brother, in reference to the piece I'd written for our dad, that I have a gift for words and that I should - wait for it - use it to become a preacher.
My brother thought, "Hmm...how can I put this...?" and then simply responded, diplomatically, "I'll tell him that."
Anyway, I'm here and still off work until Friday.
At least I'm assuming I have a job to go back to on Friday and that I didn't get the axe in the latest round of layoffs. No messages telling me that I did, so I guess no news is good news.
No trick or treating monsters in the condo development, apparently, which is just as well because I didn't have any damn candy for them.
It was hard to leave my mom; I know she's got a lot of grieving left to do and that after 47 years with my dad living alone is going to be quite an adjustment.
We got her moved into an apartment near my sister Kim's house (and even closer to my niece Jourdan's place), so that much at least is an improvement over living out somewhere north of the middle of nowhwere.
Sunday was her birthday. Not exactly the best birthday she could ask for, but she got through it okay.
No news on my friend Jon Betts, AKA "Zalfiro." I've been contacted by both of his sisters who were hoping that I had some information that could aid in the search for him. I wish I did.
More accurately, I wish he were just at home alive and well.
It's been a pretty shitty month all around.
Tomorrow is the start of National Novel Writing Month. I won't be participating this year, which is probably just as well, given how utterly disappointed I was with my last two efforts.
Anyway, that's about all I have the energy for right now.

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