Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Stick-To-Itiveness

Apparently last week Scott and Stacy were in a store when they saw this and decided that I could not go another day without having it in my possesion and so they bought it for me:

I will say this much about it; at least they used "real" art for it rather than having some hack crank out some images for it.
The stickers are of actual artwork from various series, featuring work by comic artists such as Phil Jimenez, Adam Hughes, and Brian Bolland.
Still, though the stickers can be used more than once, so far I haven't used them even that many times, despite the fact that it comes with pages with backdrops against which you can arrange the stickers to stage epic battles...or, you know, put Lois Lane, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman together in hot girl on girl on girl action.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Now that surprises me. I figured with all of the vacation time you have on your hands, the least you'd do is pose your favorite DC heroines and villianesses in compromising positions. I mean, just look at Catwoman on the cover, the possibilities for strategic placing of either hand practically boggles the mind!