Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I've Been Working On This Picture, All The Live-Long Day

Apart from taking time out to do some grocery shopping, make dinner, watch some TV, including the premiere of Heroes on NBC (My take on the show? Meh. I'll give it another shot next week.), I've pretty much spent the entire day working on this picture.

I'd like to say that the fact that I've spent a lot of time working on it shows, but I'm not sure my efforts really paid off.
I guess it turned out better than I expected.
I've actually had this image (or something like it, at any rate) in mind for a while. Why? Why not? I'm not into Anime or Manga, so obviously I'm not into tentacle porn, but for some reason the idea of Red Sonja in some kind of horrid, feculent pit of water with the tentacle of some monstrous dweller in said horrid, feculent pit breaking out of the water behind her seemed appropriate.
Make of it what you will.
I'm sure I'll be back with a regular entry tomorrow (or, more accurately, later today).

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