Sunday, September 24, 2006

If Only I Could Take A Vacation From Being Me

Over the weekend at work I took a look at my leave balance and saw that I have 146 hours of time off available to me.
That comes to just shy of a month of available vacation time.
So, deciding that one weekend was as good as any other I decided to take next weekend off, which means that I now have 11 days’ worth of free time.
Somewhere along the line, assuming that I’m still working there much longer, as there has been no real news on that score, I’ll try to use up the rest of the time, or at least most of the rest of it.
But in the meantime, as mentioned, I’m on vacation.
Scott asked the obvious and inevitable question of me: What are you going to do with your time off?
I gave him the obvious and inevitable answer.
(If you don’t know what that answer is you obviously haven’t been paying attention)
I did have a dream last night that I decided to make use of the time off by driving to LA.
Why LA? Why not?
The dream trip to LA was about as exciting as a real trip to LA would likely be for me, which is to say that it was about as boring as it’s possible for anything to be.
In the dream I made the trip in a remarkably short period of time and checked into a cheap motel that had free wi-fi access and proceeded to essentially do what I would do at home, which is to say idly surf the Web and not do much of anything.
And of course I couldn’t stay long because I had to drive back in time to go to work once my time off was over.
I think the whole point of the dream was that my subconscious was telling me what I already know: no matter where I go, there I am.
Or, to put it another way, anyplace is just as boring as any other place when you’re Jon.
The most interesting thing about the dream was that while ostensibly I was in California it seemed much more like, say, Kansas than anything else, though I’ve never done anything more than simply go through Kansas, so I can’t say that with any real certainty.
In general it just seemed sort of Midwestern. At the very least it seemed a lot less glamorous and more out of date than you would expect California to be. It reminded me of the sort of version of California that you might see in a period piece set 4 or 5 decades in the past, though again, sort of lacking in glamour and glitz.
Maybe part of that is owing to the fact that I’ve been of a mind to see some of the period pieces that are out now, such as Hollywoodland and The Black Dahlia, but given the overall felling of familiarity I would say that it was just my subconscious trying to reinforce the message by making things drab and boring.
In any event it’s clear that I will not be taking a road trip to California.
Of course, somewhere underneath the realization that I won’t is the belief that maybe I should.
Not to California, necessarily, but somewhere.
Scott keeps throwing out the suggestion that I go to New Zealand and take one of those Lord of the Rings tours, simply because it amuses him to think of me surrounded by a bunch of 37 year old virgins with questionable hygiene and even more questionable connections to reality dressed up as Hobbits and Gandalf and god only knows what else and speaking Elvish to each other as we visit sites that were in the movies but where nothing actually happened.
Of course – again, assuming that I’m still employed – next year I’ll probably take the trip out to Tucson that I had intended to take this year before getting sidelined by the whole buying a condo thing.
This is going to be the last year that my parents go out there for the winter, so the last opportunity I’ll have to go there while I have a place to stay.
Not that I’ll do much while I’m there, but it will at least allow me to visit with my friend “Zalfiro.”
Last week I was talking to my dad who, on the topic of my uncertain employment, suggested jokingly that I get a job in politics seeing as how I’m near the center of them. I pointed out that next year I’ll be old enough to run for President.
Then I got depressed because I remembered that next year I’ll be old enough to run for President.
A couple of days ago What Would Tyler Durden Do? posted some pictures of actress Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane on Smallville, arriving at the launch party for the new CW Network.
Because she looked extremely hot (even more so than usual) I downloaded the pictures for future portrait use. Last night I quickly dashed off this picture

because I noted that even her shadow is sexy and thought that should be shared with the world (or at least the seven people who come here).
And on that note I think I’ll get back to enjoying my vacation, which is to say, get back to doing absolutely nothing.

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