Saturday, September 30, 2006

Clean Sheets + New Bed = Late Morning

The lethal combination of a comfortable bed and clean sheets made it difficult for me to get up this morning.
Not that I really had much of a reason to do so, but ultimately I decided that I should.
The only plans I had for the day were to stop by the fire station to visit Kathleen, who was running a rummage sale benefiting the fire department.
When I decided to take the weekend off I’d sent her an e-mail telling her that I was going to be off should she want to do something, but received a response about the rummage sale asking if I wanted to help out with it.
Admittedly my own plans, or total lack thereof, for my vacation time were less than exciting, but that didn’t mean that I was looking to spice things up by working at a rummage sale.
I told her that  would stop by to harass her by haggling with her over the price of things that I had no intention of buying.
She responded with, “Maybe you could be my food bitch and bring me a bagel.”
I responded with, “Maybe you could kiss my ass.”
Later she suggested that I could make peanut butter cookies – I used to make them a lot and bring them in to work to share with everyone – as I haven’t done that in a long time.
I decided that was acceptable, though it meant that I had to go out and buy some peanut butter yesterday.
At the store I got in line at the self-checkout behind an extremely tall woman who was very pretty but no figure whatsoever.  That she was so tall just drew attention to how incredibly skinny she was.  Given that she was the mother of at least the two kids she had with her – one of whom was probably less than a year old – I was amazed that it was even possible for her to be that skinny.
After she finished paying and was on her way I was puzzled when the self-checkout told me “Please remove your items.”  I looked down and saw that she had actually left her groceries behind after paying for them, so I called out to her and got her attention just before she got to the door.  She laughed embarrassedly and thanked me.
She had a very pretty smile, but being so stick-figure thin kept her from being as attractive as she could be.
In any case, I made the cookies yesterday afternoon and set aside the majority of them in a container, which I brought with me to the rummage sale this morning.
I had a look around, but there wasn’t much of interest for me there.  I did buy a little frying pan, as I’ve been intending to buy a smaller frying pan for a while now.
Kathleen, who was very pleased to get the cookies, was there with some generic nice old ladies of the kind that you could find at any sort of volunteer/church function in any town in America who were off on their own having a little coffee klatch and whom Kathleen introduced to me as simply, “The Ladies.”
“The Ladies” provided me with lunch but refused any payment for it so I just put some money into the donation jar.
After visiting for a while I said, “Well, I’m going to pretend like I have things to do today,” grabbed my frying pan, and left Kathleen and “The Ladies” to their customers.
And that’s been my day so far.  Since I’ve gotten home I’ve been looking at the bed and remembering how comfortable it was.  I don’t foresee myself accomplishing much this afternoon.

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