Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Botty Grable

The Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama is known for creating stunningly realistic pin-up style paintings, though he is perhaps best known for his "Sexy Robots," images of feminine robots in typical pin-up poses.
He also has a rather unfortunate tendency to turn his considerable talent toward the rendering of images of women urinating, but hey, if that's your thing...
In any case, while I am familiar with his work and am an admirer of his non-peeing works, and am particularly fond of the sexy robots, I thought I should mention that his work was not the primary inspiration for this picture, at least not directly.
For some reason I was reminded of a guy I used to work with in Tucson and I remembered a picture he'd done of a robotic cigarette girl. It was a very cool image, and I was very impressed by it at the time.
So while he may have been inspired by Sorayama - I have no way of knowing as he never said what his inspiration was and we've been out of touch for almost five years - I was inspired by him as I was thinking of ideas for pictures that are at least a little outside of the norm for me.
I'm sort of in a mood to experiment a little, and so I'm looking for different ideas, so when I thought about that robotic cigarette girl, I thought of doing this non-Sorayama robot pin-up:

I've actually got an idea for a different picture that this would be a part of, but as it's only the vaguest of ideas at this point, it's unlikely that I'll actually put the complete picture together any time soon, if ever, so I thought I'd at least post this.
As an aside, Hajime Sorayama and his sexy robots figured prominently into one of my favorite episodes of The Venture Bros.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

What do you think of my Lesli-bots, huh? Pretty cool?