Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday? It's My (Blog's) Birthday Too!

While I remembered that yesterday was the anniversary of my sobriety, it had nearly escaped my attention that today is the second anniversary of the birth of Threshold.
It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years already and that in the course of those two years literally dozens of people have stopped by, mostly out of a sense of obligation, to quickly skim through my canny insights and cogent analysis of just how mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly dull my life is.
Oh, and to look at the occasional picture.
In the spirit of that last point, I thought that I would mark the occasion by posting a recently-completed picture of the lovely and talented Carla Gugino, the voluptuous actress who shares a birthday with this blog.
That isn’t her only tie to Threshold, as last year’s fall TV season found Ms. Gugino starring in a supernatural thriller titled, of all things, Threshold.
Of course, TV’s Threshold proved to have ratings comparable to the Internet’s Threshold, and was just about as exciting (despite the always welcome presence of Ms. Gugino who can only do so much to liven up a dull show, or even a dull blog post) and unlike the latter, the producers of the former had the good sense to pull the plug on it.
In any case, I hope that all (as has been the average for this month) seven of you will join me in sending out birthday greetings from to Carla Gugino from her fellow Virgo, Threshold.

Oh, and thanks to all of my readers, past and present, who don’t so much make the time and effort of maintaining this blog worthwhile, but who at least make sure that someone else sees it every so often.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Well done on Gugino! I noticed that you spent some long hours lovingly sculpting her derrier, which is time well spent. ;)

I know how feel on the blog readership front. Mine hasn't been around as long as yours, naturally, nor do I update mine as often, but the readers just aren't there. If I were writing for readers, I definitely would have quit by now. Bravo on two years and here's to the next two! I'll still be reading.