Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Permanent Vacation For Me...Yet

Well, it looks as though I will be going in to work tomorrow, and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future.
Still, it’s pretty much inevitable that I’m going to have to move on, so I suppose that I really ought to be motivated to start seeking out other opportunities, as this whole experience could be considered something of a wake up call.
Of course, that’s the problem.
Typically I have motivation late at night when I’m lying in bed thinking abut all the stuff I’m going to do in the morning, but once morning rolls around the motivation usually doesn’t get out of bed with me.
So a “wake up call” isn’t going to do me any good, as the motivation goes away as soon as I do wake up…
As predicted I never got a call from the dealership yesterday. It doesn’t really matter, though, as getting the exhaust fixed will no doubt require leaving the car there overnight, and if I have to do that I’d rather wait until my days off next week so that I don’t have to hitch a ride to and from work from Brian.
I just called over to the dealership but the manager wasn’t in.
Oh well. I’m sure he’ll call me right back after he gets the message…
Last night I actually saw the episode of Dead Like Me that I made a reference to in talking about how editing the language for basic cable would rob the show of some of its edge.
I was right about that, but I was wrong about the specific quote I used. Rube actually says, “I’m going to kill that fucking baby.”
Or as Sci-Fi Channel would have it, “I’m going to kill that fricking baby.”
Either way, it’s a brutal, shocking thing to say, which actually has some (comic) consequences, but with the actual F-bomb in place it has a lot more power.
Another scene which features George at her desk turning and banging her knee into an open drawer actually made no sense whatsoever because of the editing.
In its original form, George says, “Fuck!” upon hitting her knee.
In its Sci-Fi form, George says, “Jerk!” upon hitting her knee.
This change turns the scene into a WTF (What The Fudge?) moment.
Sure, there actually was someone responsible for the drawer being opened and George banging her knee, or at least there was someone she would have blamed, so in that context, sure, it would make sense for her to call that someone (actually, it’s a something) a jerk.
However, immediately upon George’s utterance of the oath her boss walks by and is appalled by her choice of language, specifically her use of “such an aggressive word.”
Jerk is an “aggressive” word that people are shocked to hear?
Still, the show is well worth watching even with the changes and the WTF (or WTJ) moments caused by word substitution.
They actually run two episodes back-to-back, and the second episode aired is quite possibly my favorite episode of the series, and may even be my favorite episode of anything.
Speaking of favorites of mine, Alan Moore is interviewed over at The Onion A/V Club.
Be advised that there are some images from Lost Girls which feature nudity included with the interview.

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