Friday, August 11, 2006

The New Math Or Today Sucked Ass

Given the history of lousy service I’ve experienced there, both personally and anecdotally, I was very surprised when the service guy from my car dealership called to tell me that my car was ready.
He told me that in addition to fixing the exhaust my wiper blades had to be replaced in order to pass the VA inspection, so I ended up having to shell out $20.55 for new wiper
I’m not certain how they came to that figure, as the total charges actually added up to a few cents less than that.
Oddly enough, one wiper blade cost about $2 more than the other, Even so, when added up, the price was somewhat less (just a few cents) than the final cost that was listed.
Maybe the rest of it was to cover the cost of the empty Minute Maid Lemonade bottle that somebody left in my car.
Today has been a long, torturous day filled with weird and irritating issues that I’ve had to (unsuccessfully) deal with, and which have prevented me from finishing and posting this entry (I started on it at around 9 am).
Still, my day is almost over, and tomorrow I’ll be working another station and won’t have to deal with this particular nonsense.

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