Sunday, July 16, 2006

Torn Between Two TV Personalities, Feeling Like A Fool

I was inclined to just sleep through today, letting the entire day pass while I dozed indolently, but it became clear, after I started waking up periodically between 6 and 8 am that such was not to be, and so, with great reluctance, I got up around 8:30.
I sat around for a bit, had some breakfast (an apple, a glass of milk, and two pieces of toast with peanut butter), and then built up enough ambition to go for a four mile walk.
The trail was overrun by people on bicycles. They were like mosquitoes, and I got really tired of hearing “On your left” over and over again.
I fucking know, okay? Even with my headphones in I can hear you coming and I’m not going to suddenly lunge towards you, and you may notice that I’m as far over to the right as I can get, so you have plenty of room to get around me.
So just dispense with the “courtesy” of telling me that you’re there.
(One chick going past said, “On your left” with the kind of disdain with which a extremely popular cheerleader would say…well, anything to someone below her social standing. She even started it off with that sound that teenage girls make when they’re mortally offended by something. Without being able to see her I could still easily visualize the sneer of contempt on her face. Good times.)
Once I got home I took a shower and then started to work on a picture.
At noon I launched Media Center to watch Everyday Italian.
I have to say that these days Giada is starting to look a lot less maniacal. Maybe she’s on medication, but whatever the case, she’s rapidly moving from Crazy Hot Italian Chick to just plain old Hot Italian Chick.
I changed the channels during a commercial and saw that Trading Spaces, which I haven’t watched in a very long time, was on. Further, Genevieve was one of the designers, and it’s been even longer since I’ve gotten to see her, so I found myself suddenly uncertain as to which show I should watch.
On the one channel, there was Giada, the beautiful, glamorous, sometimes crazed-looking chef, and on the other, Genevieve, the beautiful, voluptuous, and goofy designer.
I was paralyzed with indecision. Sure, Giada was hot, but what she was cooking wasn’t especially interesting, but at least she would be on-screen for most of the show, whereas Genevieve had to share screen time with the other designer, the homeowners, and the carpenters (but not with Paige, who apparently got 86ed somewhere along the line).
Ultimately I opted to finish watching Giada, then switched over to Genevieve, as Giada’s show is only a half an hour.
At this point, considering everything I just said in the pararagraphs above, I think it’s incumbent upon me to make an observation: my life is pathetic.
(As a final observation about my TV watching, though, I should mention that there was a moment that was a bit of a head scratcher. Whenever Giada gets “into the swing” of cooking and isn’t saying anything they always play a bit of music as they focus in on her preparing the food. On today’s episode the music they played sounded exactly like the music from the Nick Cave song Abattoir Blues. I’m sure that it wasn’t, but Nick’s music does pop up in unexpected places.)
By the time Trading Spaces was over and I’d closed down Media Center it was after 1 and I’d yet to have lunch, so I decided that I’d head over to Super Target and have a pizza at the Pizza Hut Express inside, then pick up something for dinner for today and tomorrow.
After I got there, though, I decided to just grab a frozen pizza, which I heated up once I got home.
Finishing that, it was back to work on the picture, and now, here I am taking a break to write this.
And now here I am finishing that and going back to work on the picture.

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