Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Case Of The Missing Playboys

Off and on from sometime around 1992 to, I think, 2004, I had a subscription to Playboy, and when I wasn’t an active subscriber I typically picked up the latest issue from the newsstand.
Naturally, because that’s what I do, I held onto them over the years, letting the stacks pile up, and so I had boxes full of them in one of my closets.
In my efforts to better organize things and clear out clutter, I decided to break out the boxes and catalog the complete list of issues that I have, with an eye towards trying to sell them online.
However, once I did so, it soon became apparent that there were a significant number that should be in my collection that were nowhere to be found.
So there’s at least one box worth that’s missing, and I’m not certain how.  I know that they weren’t lost in any of my moves, as I’m certain that I’ve had them at some point in the five years I’ve been living here – there are some specific issues that I know I had here that number among the missing – so it’s a mystery.
My best guess is that when Kathleen cleared out all of the stuff she was storing here, in the same closet where the Playboy boxes were kept, she may have inadvertently taken some of them as well.  Given that she’s long gone from my life, that would mean that those Playboys are, too.
Oh well; I guess it ultimately just means that much less clutter to have to deal with, but not knowing what happened to them is kind of annoying, and there were some in there that I had intended to hold onto.


Jeff Lipton said...

You just want them for the articles, right? LOL

Jon-Paul Maki said...

Nope. Admittedly, there were some good (and a lot of not-so good) articles over the years, but I'm not going to lie; I wanted them for the naked ladies.