Saturday, August 06, 2011

I Approve Of This Trend

For some time now there's been a trend towards beautiful women providing me with sexy pictures of themselves in order for me to use them as reference images for my artwork, either via e-mailing them to me or providing me with links to online albums in which the pictures appear.
It's a trend I heartily approve of, and I hope it's one that conitnues.
One such woman has been the always lovely Nadia, whose image you've seen here many times.  Another, more recent addition to the ranks of beautiful women sending me pictures is the also lovely Stella, a friend of Naida's.
Below is the resultant artwork from one of the pictures Stella has sent me:

From a photo by Natalya Slastnova

I'm very pleased with this one, with, I think, good reason, given how much work I put into it.  Of course, it took me a lot longer than it really needed to because I avoided working on it for a significant period of time.  Well, I avoided working on the non-Stella part of it.  The central image of Stella herself was, of course, something I was more than happy to work on.  It was all of the stuff around her that I was avoiding.
Still, I felt that it needed to be there, adding to the whole "sexy clutter" effect of the image, so I knew it had to be done eventually.
And now it is, and, happily, Stella is very pleased with the results as well.

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