Thursday, August 26, 2010

N-trig Responds

Hello Jon

Did you try to uninstall and reinstall the N-trig bundle from your computer?

Usually this error (the blank FW issue) is related to unsuccessful installation. Please uninstall our bundle via control panel -> programs and features and then reinstall the latest bundle (2.239).


N-trig Customer Support

Jon Responds:

Yes, I have done the uninstall/reinstall multiple times.
It usually takes multiple attempts just to do that, since the drivers/firmware WILL NOT install unless Windows actually recognizes the digitizer. The installer fails with a "fatal error" because it's not able to detect the hardware.
It usually takes several power cycles to get it to a point at which Windows/the installer actually see that the hardware is there and recognize it as a digitizer rather than "unknown device."
And even after it's installed, there's still the issue of phantom clicks if touch input is enabled.
But sure, I'll try it again, since I'm sure the 50th time will be the charm...

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