Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ladies Of The Legion Part 7

Our latest Lady of the Legion is Tinya Wazzo of Bgztl, or as she's known in costume - or even mostly out of costume - Phantom Girl:

Phantom Girl is from a planet in another dimension, and her ability to phase between her dimension and our own allows her to become intangible.
In most versions of Legion continuity, PG has been romantically linked with Jo Nah of Rimbor, also known as Ultra Boy. Ultra Boy became a hero after being infused with "Ultra Energy" when - and I'm not kidding - his space cruiser was swallowed by a giant space fish.
Yeah. "Jo Nah" swallowed by a giant fish.
In any case, there's not really a lot that distinguishes PG, apart from the costume she wore in the 70s and 80s. Designed by Dave Cockrum - who redesigned most of the Legion's outfits - PG's costume consisted of a white jumpsuit with flared bell bottoms and various cutouts that were a hallmark of Cockrum's design sense.
Of course, anything was better than her original costume, which was just a set of white tights, a white cape, and the letter P on her chest.
If I'd been thinking about it, I might have used Phantom Girl to do a riff on the unrelated character of Phantom Lady, a Golden Age heroine who, in her earliest adventures, was mostly known for wearing a skimpy costume and being depicted in what were essentially bondage scenes on the covers of her series (and in her more modern adventures is known for wearing an even skimpier outfit and having ridiculously large boobs even by comic book standards). Maybe something showing how pointless it is to try to tie up someone who can just slip right through the ropes. Ah well.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I think out of your latest batch, my favorite is Phantom Girl. It would have been cool to pair Lightning Lass with Shrinking Violet, but I understand why you didn't. I'm impressed with how quickly you're cranking these things out lately. You're on fire!