Thursday, October 08, 2009

Everything Is A Wiki These Days...Even Blasphemy!

Over at Slacktivist there are a two posts focusing on the Conservative Bible Project.
They're definitely worth a read.
For the uninitiated, the Conservative Bible Project is an effort to "retranslate" the Bible in an effort to remove "liberal bias."
I'm not kidding.
Now, I am admittedly neither a theist nor a theologian, but rewriting the Bible to suit your own is this not blasphemy?
(Bonus: Here's someone who thinks that some Christians spend entirely too much time focusing on what Christ said. "Yeah, Jesus is great and all, but honestly, 50, 60 percent of the time I just zone out whenever He gets on about love and feeding the hungry and helping the poor and blah blah blah. Now give me some good old-fashioned hating the gays and you've got my attention!")

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