Monday, June 01, 2009

Not Much Going On

Couple the title with my general laziness and you'll understand why I haven't been posting much lately.
I spent a good portion of yesterday working a picture that's at least a bit of a departure from my usual fare, but I didn't manage to finish it - or at least the second part of it - and I just didn't feel up to working on it today. So far it's looking okay, though not quite the way I want it to look, but that's pretty much how it always goes.
Beyond drawing, yesterday found me venturing out into the world more than once, and being irritated as hell about it.
On Saturday I'd bought a roast with the intention of putting it in the slow cooker for the day yesterday, but I found that I'd forgotten to buy carrots, and by the time I ventured out into the world to get them it would have been too late to put it going if I wanted to eat before 9 pm, so I decided that I'd put it going today while I was at work. So I got ready at a leisurely pace and ventured out to buy carrots in the early afternoon yesterday.
First, though, I mowed the backyard. I'd hoped to give it some more time to dry out and at least get to the point that the ground didn't splash when I stepped on it, but, despite the forecast, it had rained overnight, and the forecast was calling for more rain in the late afternoon (said rain didn't come), so I decided to just get it over with despite the dampness.
Sometime after getting home from buying the carrots I started weighing the options for dinner and decided on Swiss Steak, but soon discovered that I was out of flour, so I had to venture out once again, finding myself at the grocery store looking at all of the people and wanting to ask them "Why are there so goddamn many of you?"
Seriously, doesn't anyone have anything better to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? Can't they find something to do so that that those of us without families and significant others can be free to crawl up out of our caves and go grocery shopping in relative peace?
I don't have a life; what's their excuse?
After getting home I started on dinner, then found myself having to futz around with various other crap, which rapidly ate up what little free time I had remaining.
Going back to the not having a life thing...given how little there is that I actually have to do, how is it that I have so little time in which to do it?
Oh well.
In any case, I have some of that little to do left to be done, and not much time in which to do it, so I guess that's it for now.

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