Monday, May 25, 2009

Recalling The Hot Dog Bun Incident

Yesterday I ventured out into the world briefly to stop by Office Depot to see if they sold any sort of add-on keyboard trays to replace the one that made me lose my shit on Saturday.
(Seriously, I haven’t totally lost my shit in quite that manner since the Hot Dog Bun Incident from a couple of years ago.)
From their I made my way to the other Depot (Why isn’t there a store called Home and Office Depot?) to look through their selection of bug poison, as I’m hoping to make my backyard as toxic and inimical to life as possible.
While I was there I found myself looking at some turf builder stuff, and continued my descent into becoming the typical middle-aged suburban schlub who’s obsessed with his lawn by throwing a bag into my cart and grabbing one of those spreader dealies.
I’m not so much interested in growing green, lush grass, but I am pretty sick of the weeds, so I figured I might as well.
Once I got home I got to work on installing the new keyboard tray, a task that nearly led to a repeat of Saturday’s shit-losing.
The whole process was made more fun by the fact that, naturally, the brackets didn’t align with the existing screw holes from the old tray, so I had to drill new holes, and had to all of the work from under the desk. Getting a face full of sawdust – on more than one occasion – was the icing on the cake.
The tray mostly serves its purpose, there isn’t enough clearance for me to fit my hands in and type while it’s under the desk as I could with the old one, and it’s not quite roomy enough for the keyboard and the mouse.
Oh well, at least it’s out of the way when I’m drawing, but still close enough to hand for me to use keyboard shortcuts.
And yes, despite the lack of evidence here, I have been drawing, I just haven’t been drawing anything that’s any good.
Today I caught a matinee of Terminator: Salvation with Scott and Jamie.
It was pretty good. Lots of really good action sequences, and startling moments that made Jamie jump several times. I don’t really have much to say about it beyond that.
Which is my way of saying I’m too lazy to write up any sort of review. I’m sure Scott will post one eventually.
In any case, it’s after 5, which means I’m back into my regular time off, which means that as soon as I blink it’ll be time to go to bed and prepare for the return to work, so I guess I should do some stuff before I blink.

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