Saturday, May 30, 2009

It Figures That The Nearby Carwash Would Burn Down After I Buy A New Car

I realize I haven’t been posting much lately, but, honestly, not much has been going on, though, of course, laziness factors into it rather heavily as well.
When doesn’t it?
I’ve been really liking the new car and have been having fun playing with some of the bells and whistles like the Nav system and the Bluetooth connectivity. I used the hands-free calling feature to call my mom on the way home from work the other day to pass the time, play around with the cool feature, and cut down on the amount of swearing I did at other drivers.
Today it got treated to something that my last car never got: a car wash.
I had been thinking about it anyway, given how dusty and muddy it’s gotten thanks to trips on Sycolin and the ridiculous amounts of rain we got in the last week, but, much like the drunk who pushed me off the fence about deciding to buy a new car, a bird came along and made the decision for me.
So I headed off to the comic shop to pick up this week’s stash, which included issue #52 of Trinity. It was nowhere near as bad as Countdown/Countdown to Final Crisis, but even so, that’s one year I’m glad to see finally over with.
I’m hoping that DC’s next weekly effort – Wednesday Comics – will make up for the last two years.
After I left the comic shop I was headed towards the bank to get some cash out of the ATM when I heard someone honk at me. I looked around, but didn’t see anyone I recognized.
After I got the cash, I heard someone call my name and turned to see that it was Casey, who’d swung by the bank to let me know that he was the one who had honked.
From there I gassed up and went through the carwash, before moving to get a haircut and go grocery shopping.
And that was my excitement for the day.
A while back Scott picked up a Fuze – the same smartphone I have – and since then he’s been doing all sorts of hacks and tweaks with it that he found online, which inspired me to do the same with mine.
So far the coolest thing I’ve found is an application that lets you control your phone from your computer. When the phone is connected – via USB or Bluetooth, though there’s considerable lag with the Bluetooth connection – a window pops up on your computer with a representation of your phone’s screen. It’s pretty cool, especially since it allows you to type up text messages with a regular keyboard.
I also signed up with Microsoft’s My Phone service, which basically lets you sync your phone with online storage, allowing you to make back-ups, or transfer files from your phone to any computer anywhere.
The 200 MB of storage is pretty chintzy, but it is free, and seems to work pretty well.
Speaking of Microsoft, they released Service Pack 2 for Vista. I installed it on Hugin the other day, and so far there haven’t been any issues.
I was looking online to find out what feature enhancements and bug fixes it provides. The biggest thing seems to be the addition of built-in OS support for burning Blu-ray discs, which is pretty cool – though it should have been part of the OS from the start, or at least a part of SP 1 – and some loosening of DRM restrictions on recorded TV content in Media Center, though I’m not really sure of the specifics on that one.
In any case, I found several commenters talking about how much less disk space their Windows directory takes up after the SP 2 installation.
I didn’t take note of the before and after disk space on Hugin, but I installed it on Munin yesterday and found that the I went from having 291 GB of free space before SP 2, to having 354 GB free after installing it.
I’m not sure how MS did that, and I have to say it’s really not like them to make things leaner.
In any case, I think I’m going to mow at least the front and side yard, as they seem to be reasonably dry, and then maybe I’ll try to do some drawing.

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