Monday, April 27, 2009

The Perils Of Vampire Flesh

Yesterday I headed to Ashburn for Earth Day @ Loudoun to show my support for NOVA Green Team, which was one of the sponsors of the event.
Everything was geared mostly towards kids, which meant that having fully functional legs and actually knowing how to work was almost a liability, what with all the strollers and toddlers and generally unsteady-on-their-feet little creatures.
The one positive thing about all of the kids there were the hot young mothers wearing strapless and low cut tops who had to periodically bend down to tend to the little monsters darlings.
Before heading over there I hadn’t eaten anything other than a cookie, as I figured I’d eat while I was there.
It took me a while to remember that I should eat something, and by the time I did the lines were too long and it wasn’t really too much longer before the event would be over, so I decided to just wait and stop someplace on the way home.
This meant that I didn’t end up eating anything until sometime around 3:30, and this was after having spent hours standing in the hot sun and getting pretty well singed, as is the peril that comes from having vampire skin.
After eating I decided to try out the new mower. I figured that despite the beating I’d taken from the sun I’d be okay, as the parts of the lawn I mowed were mostly in the shade by that time. Even so, the heat was pretty brutal and I was pretty shaky and weak for the rest of the evening.
Today I finished off the lawn by mowing the backyard, finding that without the cord it only takes about a third as long as it used to take.
And that’s pretty much all that is going on or has gone on since my last post.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Yeah, it's too bad vampire skin doesn't come with any of the vampiric benefits. I only mowed this weekend for fear of combusting. Still have all that grass seed to plant now.