Thursday, April 02, 2009

Knock It The Hell Off

A while back I mentioned a time that I woke up in the middle of the night thinking, "What's that noise? And where is that breeze coming from?" and discovered that my ceiling fan was running. This was baffling, but I chalked it up to the fact that it's not unheard of for me to do weird things in my sleep, so it wasn't out of the question that at some point I'd randomly reached out in the darkness, grabbed the fan's remote, and turned it on. It seemed especially odd, given how much difficulty I had reaching out in the darkness, grabbing the remote, and turning it off, while actually awake, but still, it was the most likely explanation.
As an aside, the fan itself is entirely controlled by the remote. The wall switch only controls the lights on the fan, though there are also controls for the lights - top and bottom - on the remote.
Yesterday when I got home I went into my bedroom and found that the fan was on. This was really odd, as it was not on when I left in the morning, and, presumably, there was no one in the house who could have grabbed the remote and turned the fan on in the interim. Still, I shrugged, turned the fan off, mentioned it to Scott, and then he and I set to watching movies.
After Scott left, I put my contacts cleaning, went back upstairs to do some random surfing, then headed downstairs to retrieve my now-cleaned contacts. I noticed a light coming out of my bedroom and thought that maybe I'd left the light on in my bathroom.
It was the bottom light on the ceiling fan.
Again, this is entirely controlled by the remote. The switch turns on both top and bottom lights at their full brightness. The remote has separate buttons for each light, and turns them on at a dim setting.
So it could not be the case that I'd inadvertently bumped the switch; I would have had to have walked over to my nightstand and turned on the bottom light with the remote, which I know with absolute certainty I did not do.
I'm a rational person. I've seen a few weird things in my life, but never anything compelling enough to keep me from being of the opinion that all things in life have a rational, natural explanation, and that there is no kind of supernatural facet of existence: no ghosts, no fairies, no deities, no supernatural intelligences of any kind, either benevolent, malevolent, or benign.
However, with that being said, I still get spooked really damn easily.
So if there's any sort of poltergeist, imp, gremlin, or demon messing with my ceiling fan, knock it the hell off and kindly go back to not existing.

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