Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes, Because I ALWAYS Keep My Teeth In The Refrigerator*

Even though I have tomorrow off specifically for the purpose of going out into the world while there will be fewer people congesting the streets and store aisles, for some reason, after talking to my mother this morning, I decided to venture out.
I credit masochism as the primary reason for making this decision.
In any case, while I was out and about I figured I’d head to Circuit City to check out their going out of business sale.
That carcass has been pretty well picked clean, but there were still quite a few scavengers slurping up its marrow.
The ads – and the signs people were holding up on the roadside – said that there were savings of up to 60%, but I didn’t see anything like those numbers. Most things were at about 30% off (though I suppose it’s possible that they’d already been marked down by 30% before being further reduced).
As I said, there really wasn’t much left, and what was left was still too damned expensive even after the markdowns.
I did see some good deals on digital photo frames, and considered picking one or two up, but then I thought, “Meh.”
If I were more into photography I would have been interested in the markdowns on the few remaining DSLR cameras, as there were some bargains to be found there. But I barely take any pictures with the camera I do have, so I couldn’t justify dropping $400+ on a camera that I’d be unlikely to use, even if it was a hell of a bargain.
After leaving there I swung by Wal-Mart and was dismayed by the filled to overflowing parking lot, until I saw that huge sections of the lot are actually closed off for some sort of construction project. Still, while the store wasn’t as packed as it at first appeared it would be, there were far too many people there, and I quickly picked up the few things I’d gone there to get.
I came thisclose to saying to someone, “Really? You really need to stand right there with your cart turned sideways while you just idly stare off into space? Really?”
The lady who decided that blocking off the cleaning supplies aisle while arguing with her husband on her cell phone narrowly avoided a similar stinging remark, if for no other reason than that the orange track suit she was wearing made her look like a pumpkin.
I neglected to mention in any of my earlier posts that Wednesday saw the return of Riff Trax Night, though Scott and I didn’t actually watch a Riff Trax movie.
Instead we watched Marvel’s latest animated offering Hulk Vs., which had two separate features, Hulk vs. Wolverine, and Hulk vs. Thor.
Overall it was a damn sight better than most of Marvel’s other animated offerings, which, while generally okay, are considerably weaker than DC’s (despite DC’s maddening – and perplexing – insistence on not producing the animated feature based on The Judas Contract), and even held up pretty well in comparison to their Distinguished Competition.
Hulk vs. Wolverine, in particular, was damned entertaining. Much moreso than Hulk vs. Thor, though that’s not really a slight on that feature, which was also pretty entertaining, it’s just that Hulk vs. Wolverine was especially good.
After that we watched an old episode of MST3K featuring the Edward D. Wood, Jr. classic Bride of the Atom Monster. I’d wanted us to watch that one for a while because it is especially entertaining, but also because it gave me the opportunity to show off some of my knowledge of Ed Wood trivia (“That chick was Ed’s girlfriend at the time and she was supposed to have had the lead female role.”).
It will be Riff Trax all the way next time, though, and I’ll take this opportunity to warn inform Scott that he’s in for a real treat.
Also, does anyone know if Pizza Hut – or “The Hut,” as they seem to be calling themselves of late – has changed their pizza sizes? Because I have difficulty believing that what we were presented with was actually a Large.
Speaking of food, while I grabbed lunch at the McDonald’s in Wal-Mart, my stomach did that whole “Now that you’re trying to actually feed me I’m not hungry…but I will be as soon as you get rid of the food I don’t want right now” thing, so I suppose I should start looking into my dinner options.

*I said this earlier today when I was getting ready to take a shower. I was intending to grab my partial plates to put them cleaning while I was taking a shower, but for some reason I went to the refrigerator to grab them, rather than the downstairs bathroom where I’d set them on the sink...which is where I really do keep them when not wearing or cleaning them.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Warn away. I think that with perhaps the exception of Butterfly or whatever that silly Mariah Carey movie is, we've plumbed the depths of Riff Trax movies that I just don't want to see.

Heimdall said...

We'll see about that. And the only thing that's saved you from the Mariah Carey movie - Glitter - is my own unwillingness to watch it. After all, the pain I can inflict on you is only as severe as what I can stand myself.

Merlin T Wizard said...

Oh, don't think I don't know that. As a matter of fact, I count on it.