Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Confessions Of A Cube Dweller

I never thought I would miss my cube, but this week I haven't spent much time there, and I've found that I kind of did miss it.
Monday I was off, so naturally I didn't spend any time in it.
Yesterday afternoon our SVP had an "All Hands" meeting, so that took up most of the day (and ran late, leading to an irritating hour-long drive home in rush hour traffic).
This morning our VP held an "All Hands" meeting of his own - at 7 AM, which was lots of fun.
The early morning meeting was for the benefit of the people working the overnight shift.
A second meeting was held in the afternoon for the benefit of the people working the swing shift.
At our VP's request some of us were required to attend both meetings for the purposes of mingling with those employees we don't encounter too often.
So, yeah, spending the afternoon sitting through a meeting that I'd already sat through early in the morning made sitting in my cube seem infinitely preferable.
That's pretty much all that's been going on. TV shows have been piling up on my DVR, as I've been going to bed early, so I've got a bunch of stuff to watch.
I suppose I should get to it.

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