Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sometimes It Pays To Not Have Friends

When I went to the AT&T store on Friday to see about getting my missing case, the guy working there said they should be getting more this weekend and that I should try coming back on Saturday or Sunday.
“Screw that,” I thought to myself at the time, but today, as I was finishing up with the laundry, I decided that that I really would like to get a case for the phone.
I figured that whatever case I would be getting from AT&T would probably suck and be cheap anyway, leading me to eventually buy a better one, so I decided to skip that step and went to Best Buy to look for one. Unfortunately they didn’t have any cases for my phone.
(Side note: While I was there, the announcer on the in-store music station said the words, “Now here’s Metallica, with The Unforgiven Three.” That hurt my soul. Sure, I gave up on Metallica a long time ago – about the time they came out with the first sequel to The Unforgiven; seriously, sequels to fucking songs? – but even so, it was painful to learn of the depths to which they have sunk.)
After not finding what I was looking for, I thought about just going home, but decided to head to the Town Center to see if new cases had, in fact, been delivered.
They hadn’t, of course, so before heading home – mostly because I had to go to the bathroom – I stopped at the larger Best Buy near the Town Center and found a case that’s pretty much the same as the case I had for my old phone, but designed specifically to fit my new phone. So I bought that and a screen protector film for the phone. I also grabbed Wanted on Blu ray, because why not? It was okay for what it was, and Angelina Jolie in high-definition isn’t anything to complain about.
This morning when I got up I put a pot roast going in the slow cooker, and it’s been steadily cooking away ever since, but while I was out and about I kept seeing various restaurants and fast food places and thinking, “I suppose I could stop there and get something to eat.” Then I would remember the pot roast and think, “You don’t have any reason to stop anywhere to get anything to eat.” But each time I saw a new place, I would go through that same thought process. “Dammit!” I finally said to myself, “You’re going to eat the fucking pot roast and like it, so quit thinking about places you can stop to get food!”
One thing I discovered on my phone is that the mobile version of Facebook works really well. Nice and clean and uncluttered, fast, and just generally one of the best mobile versions of a site I’ve ever seen.
But it’s Facebook, so I don’t really give a shit about it. It would figure that something I have only limited use for would be vastly superior to all of the things that I actually use regularly.
Speaking of Facebook, apparently lots of users were recently hit by some major worm that propagated through an app being sent to people by the accounts of friends who had been infected. The app request had text claiming that a friend had sent a video saying something like, “Check out this video of you dancing! Your face is so red!”
Aside from the fact that I pretty much ignore most of the things people send me, this particular pretext would have been utterly ineffective on getting me to click the necessary link had I received it, because my immediate response would have been, “There is no such video.”
Of course, I didn’t actually receive the thing anyway, so it’s kind of irrelevant. I guess that, like Macs and Linux boxes, I have the advantage of security through obscurity.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I hadn't heard about the worm. My response to any claims of such a video would be the same, though.