Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reading Comprehension: I Don't Has It

I worked from home today (and will do so on Friday). I'd asked my boss if I could yesterday, and she said, "Yeah, I was going to come around and tell you to do that."
Not that there was much in the way of work to do; I don't have any urgent projects going on right now, and other than an automated report, I didn't get a single piece of e-mail all day.
Tonight is typically Riff Trax night, but given that it's also Christmas Eve, I figured that Scott wouldn't be coming over tonight.
I was going to ask him via IM what, if anything, he wanted to do about it, but before I could he asked if I wanted to go to there place to watch a movie and order a pizza.
I misread his message and thought that he wanted me to do so that night. Initially I was reluctant, as I wasn't sure if I'd be going in to work today or not, but then I decided I might as well.
When I texted him to tell him what time I'd be there, he responded, "Tomorrow night?"
I replied that I thought it was tonight (Tuesday). He responded back with, "Sorry for the confusion," which actually left me more confused.
So I called him and found out that, in fact, he had meant tonight.
Anyway, that's straightened out, and that's what I'll be doing tonight.
When I got up this morning I had a response from my latest (and second ever) Heroic Portraits customer with some praise and criticisms/requests. So I set about making the changes and sent out a new proof. Shortly thereafter I got a call from him saying he was just around the corner and could he come pick it up?
So he came over, I printed it out, he wrote me a check, and he was off on his merry way.
With this breezy rate of business - Two customers in a year after two years of nothing! How will I keep up with the overwhelming demand? - I might actually turn a profit on the whole thing by 2014, which is even sadder than it sounds when you consider that I really haven't spent that much money on it, just the cost of the domain and hosting and the large format printer. Yet I'm still in the red. Or, you know, I would be if I actually kept any books for it. So I suppose that's one way of avoiding having to look at the depressing numbers: don't write them down.
Anyway, I hope you all have a nice Christmas Eve with your family and friends.

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